Il Filo dei Sapori

baffo verde il filo dei sapori comunita di montagna della carnia

“Il Filo dei Sapori” is a kermis born in 2014 with the aim of bringing attention back to the role of the farmer, and agriculture at large, in enhancing and spreading the wealth of our territory. The event has been created/organised by the Mountain Community of Carnia*, with the collaboration of ERSA (regional institution /entity for rural development) and other institutions and associations: the city of Tolmezzo, the Friuli Venezia-Giulia Region, Isis Fermo Solari, Isis Linussio, Cefap, Confcommercio (GustoCarnia), Promoturismo FVG, the Proloco consortium of Carnia, local associations and the Carnic Museum of Folks Arts.

It takes place in October.

*The Mountain Community of Carnia, community that consists of 28 Municipalities, continues a forward-looking /farsighted history of territorial cooperation started in 1947 by the Carnic Community, when the municipalities spontaneously decided to give birth to a local form of government in order to obtain an economic improvement and a social and civil progress of the territory.

The initiatives

baffo verde il filo dei sapori comunita di montagna della carnia
Presentation of the companies in ‘Centa square’ with the tasting of some dishes prepared by the local catering institute Isis Paschini-Linussio.
Farmer’s market: with the annual presence of about 55 farms of our Friulian mountains.
Technical meetings on issues related to the experimental activities carried out by ersa and new ideas for the development of mountain agriculture.
Biodiversity street, the activities aimed at the protection and enhancement carried out by: Regional Institutions in charge and various associations, concerned with the protection of this heritage in FVG.
Exhibition of vegetal species: buckwheat, potatoes, corn ecotypes, the broad beans of Sauris and Camporosso, the display of local Carnia apples.
Educational workshops for the youth.
Demonstration of cheese-making and Triathlon of the farmer.

The goals

baffo verde il filo dei sapori comunita di montagna della carnia
The focus is on producers and primary activity in the mountains, indirectly a promotion of companies and the area as a whole.
Fostering and strengthening relations between sector the primary, catering and educational institutions.
Disclose the experimental activities conducted by ERSA in agriculture in order to improve the environmental and economic sustainability of the sector.
Educate consumers to identify quality products, communicate the added value of mountain productions.
To focus attention on the enormous wealth of the land: biodiversity.
To provide a unique experience for the visitor by telling and letting the visitor touch some traditions and customs in agriculture.
To increase the number of visitors and encourage the development of food and wine and slow tourism in Carnia.

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    Mountain Community of Carnia designed and implemented the showcase of Carnia’s agri-food products. The business relationship is always between customer and company: Mountain Community of Carnia only offers a space for visibility and promotion, but does not intervene in any way in the commercial negotiation and the obligations arising from it.

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